Sunday, September 16, 2007

An oft forgotten and overlooked Dark Lord Part 1

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A Prince of Darkness. Murphy, Williams, Mata, Eldritch, Thirwell, Manson even! Sure, to
name but a few (and leave out many) they all come to mind. And if you're a frequent
listener to Dominion Radio, hell you likely already own every album they ever recorded!
But one which reigned the stage and preceded them all is still going strong!

Most Americans seem to only know him for his having sinned against the Gods of
antiestablishmentarianism by having a singular hit song. Hardly his fault though. How
can one have a song which coincidentally shares it's name with one of America's strongest
obsessions? Cars! Of course most who've heard the song completely missed it's point and
meaning. And one of the funniest ironies I've ever heard was the song being used in a
commercial for a local Chevy dealership. But the boundlessness of human stupidity aside,
I wish to pay respect to one of the longest standing Princes of darkness to grace our ears!
True bittersweet! And so much which few seem to have heard.

It will be presented in three parts of about equal length. Say, about 80 minutes or less
(wink, wink!). You know, in case you want to burn it to a CD & live out some sort of left
handed joke by listening to Dominion "In Cars"!

But, enough with words! Time for some fuckin James Brown! Uh... I mean Gary Numan!
My bad. Sorry. Mr. Brown may have been born black & have come to be known as the
Godfather of Soul but, Mr. Numan is by far the darker of the two! Hell, might even
call him the fuckin James Brown of DARK!!!

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An oft forgotten and overlooked Dark Lord Part 1

1-I Die, You Die
2-Are 'Friends" Electric?
4-War Songs
5-I'm An Agent
7-The Iceman Comes
9-Dead Heaven
11-Down In The Park
12-The Joy Circuit
13-Every Day I Die (Live)
14-Praying To The Aliens
16-War Games

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Radio on 9-15-07

Runtime: 1:13

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