Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post-X-Mas 2007 mix on Dominion Radio!

3 part Post-X-Mas 2007 mix on Dominion Radio!
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1)SNOG - Hey Christian God

2)Bauhaus - Stigmata Martyr

3)APOTHEOSIS - O Fortuna (Apocalypse Chorus Mix)

4)Cocteau Twins - Wax and Wane

4)David Bowie - The Width Of A Circle

5)Christian Death- Stairs... Uncertain Journey - Rozz Williams

6)Vault 9 - Devil Went Down To Georgia

7)Love and Rockets - Lucifer Sam

8)Rabbit Junk - Demons

9)Filter - Dose

10)Hanzel und Gretyl - Disko Fire Scheiss Messiah

11)The Mission U.K. - Deliverance

12)Angelspit(?) - 100% (Christ Analogue remix)

13)Sisters Of Mercy - Adrenochrome

14)Dead Boys - I Don't Wanna Be No Catholic Boy

15)Christian Death - This Is Heresy - Valor Kand

16)Joy Division - Heart And Soul

17)Party Animal (OST) - Money, Success, Fame, Glamour

18)A Perfect Circle - Imagine

19)Damned-There Ain't No Santa Clause

PART TWO (of 2):

1)Wall of Voodoo - Shouldn't Have Given Him a Gun for Christmas

2)Christian Death - I Hate You (Valor Kand)

3)Christ Analogue - Natural Born Killaz

4)Velvet Acid Christ - Lets Kill All These Motherfuckers

4)Joy Division - Dead souls

5)Collide - Falling Up

6)Uncertain - Blessed Are The Weird

7)Hansel - Hookworms

8)Devo - Smart Patrol_Mr. Dna

9)Pigface - Suck

10)Christian Death - Burnt Offerings

11)Fraughman - Onslaught

12)Bauhaus - Silent Hedges

13)Leather Strip - Strap Me Down

14)Echo & The Bunnymen - Happy Death Men

15)Zeromancer - Dr. Online

16)Marc Almond & Foetus - Love Amongst The Ruined

17)Peter Murphy & Tom Waits - Christmas Sucks

18)Fear - Fuck Christmas

Come Listen!!!

Click here for the full mix set! Both streaming playback & FREE download available!

Also be sure to check out:
The B side:

This time:

The obligatory christmas leftovers!

Uh huh, songs which didn't quite fit

the mood of the sets above but, were

each sufficiently amusing to merit

their own lil (auslander) mix.

Screw a play list. Likely you

know all of these by heart!

And, additional to that, an X-mas
poem of sorts which revises the
traditional Night Before Christmas.
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'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through our house
was blasting the "St. Vitus Dance" by Bauhaus;
Torn fishnets were draped on my forearms with care,
And two cans of Aquanet applied to my hair;
My thoughts were of graveyards, and horror and dread,
Black visions of pain and despair in my head;
And Bianca, whose face was as pale as the moon,
Had thrown up her arm for this evening's swoon,
When out by the gravestones there came such a clatter,
I sprang from the coffin to find out the matter.

Away to the window I flew like a ghost,
Expecting to find a dark devilish host.
The moon on the breast of the uncaring snow
Threw ominous shadows on objects below,
When, before my tormented eyes did traverse,
But a gorgeous black Crane & Breed carved-panel hearse,
With a gaunt, shrouded driver, who filled me with fear,
And eight skeletal creatures that might have been deer.
More rapid than vultures his coursers they came,
And his deep Andrew Eldritch voice called them by name;

Now, Murphy! Now, Morgoth! Now, Torment and Woe!
On, Dreadful! On, Lovecraft! Mephisto and Poe!
To the top of the gravestones where fog wisps its breath!
With a weight on my soul I consign you to death!

As dead leaves that before hellish hurricanes fly,
When they flutter like giant bats' wings to the sky,
So up to the crypt-top the coursers they leapt,
While dearest Bianca, like death, still but slept.
And then, to my horror, I heard on the roof
The clicking and scratching of each bone-white hoof.
As I drew in my arm, and was whirling around,
Down the ebony chimney he came without sound.

He was clad all in black, and he looked oh-so-goth,
A billowy ensemble of crushed velvet cloth;
His boots were knee-high, quite buckled and zipped,
And the Spandex and fishnets 'round his legs were ripped.
His eyes glowed with bluish fire, deathly and cold,
A black eye-liner'd face neither youthful nor old.
A broad lipless mouth drawn with torment and hurt,
And his sorrowful face was as white as my shirt.

A smoldering cigarette tight in his grasp,
Its smoke curling eerily 'round his cloak clasp;
His gaunt frame was topped with long ebon hair,
And a sharp scent of brimstone and cloves choked the air.
His arms were outspread in the shape of a cross,
And I quailed when I saw him, feeling sorrow and loss;
He narrowed his eyes with a twist of his head,
And I felt the full weight of his angst and dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his task,
Left some Dead Can Dance CD's; before I could ask,
A single tear fell across his aquiline nose,
And then, like an angel, up the chimney he rose;
He sprang to his hearse, to his team he then hissed,
And away they all drifted like early dawn's mist.
But I heard him intone, ere he vanished from sight,
"Gothic Christmas to all, and to all a good fright!"

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Freaky SEX for fun & profit on Dominion Radio!

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Chapter One:

1) David Bowie - Cracked Actor
2) Infected Torrent (A.K.A. Error 404) - Unsavory Influences
3) Plasmatics - Sex Junkie
5) Fuzzbox - XX Sex
6) We Smoke Fags - Lust Puppet
7) Romeo Void - Undercover Kept
8) Lights Of Euphoria - Deal In Sex (Protection Mix)
9) Devo - Penetration in the Centrefold
11) Trio - Sunday You Need Love Monday Be Alone
12) NIN - Get Down Make Love
13) Zivilschutz - sex + du
14) Alizée - J'ai Pas Vingt Ans(remix)-Benni Benassi
16) Emilie Simon - I Wanna Be Your Dog
17) The Human League - Love Action
18) Nerf Herder - Love Sandwich
19) Christian Death - Sex Dwarf
20) Lords Of Acid - Gimme Gimme

Chapter Two

1) Oingo Boingo - Little Girls
2) Emilie Autumn - Gothic Lolita
3) Foetus - Clothes Hoist
4) Peaches-Kick It (feat Iggy Pop)
5) Berlin - Sex
6) The Dresden Dolls - dirty business
7) Channel 3 - You Make Me Feel Cheap
8) zombie_girl-creepy_crawler_(kmfdm_remix)
9) Bauhaus - Night Time
10) Brad_Sucks_-_Bad_Attraction_-_(Future_Boy_Sambadelic_mix)
11) Depeche Mode - Master And Servant
12) Rammstein - Stripped (Tribute to Düsseldorf Mix by Charlie Clouser)
13) Iggy Pop - Bang Bang
14) Genitorturers - Sin City (Günter Schülz Mix)
15) Misfits - Devils Whorehouse
16) Marilyn Manson - User Friendly
17) Gang of Four - Damaged Goods
18) Leonard Cohen - The Future

Chapter Three:

1) Miss Kitten - Frank Sinatra
2) Rush Limbaugh sound collage - Anal Sex
3) The Cramps - Bend Over, I'll Drive
4) Information Society - Great Big Disco World
5) Hedwig and the angry inch - Angry Inch
6) Gillette vs. The Cure - Short Dick Fascination
7) Gary Numan - Every Day I Die
8) Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi
9) Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax
10) Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like
11) Stan Ridgeway-Don't Drop the Soap (for anyone else but me)
12) NIN & Spice Girls - Closer To Spice
13) Blur - Girls & Boys
14) Josie Cotton - Johnny, Are You Queer
15) Spandau Ballet - To Cut A Long Story Short
16) 45 Grave-Party Time
17) Velvet Acid Christ - Phucking Phreak
18) Infected Torrent (A.K.A. Error 404) - Denial Of Service (Processed Cheese Mix)
19) Pzychobitch - Pussy Gang
20) The Damned - Jet Boy Jet Girl
21) The Dead Milkmen - I Dont Wanna Be A Homosexual

Click here for the full mix set! Both streaming playback & FREE download available!

All chapters (1-3) of The Kinsey Report mixes are now posted for listening & download.
All three are (as the title suggests) about everyones favorite topic. Sex & Sexuality!
Fun stuff that!!! And being that it's the Kinsey Report, it covers sexual encounters of
all sorts. No boring Prince stuffs here! Ha!

Not a typical Dominion mix insofar as the music styles are often other than the expected
Gothic & Industrial (which I'll return too soon). But I think you'll enjoy all 3 equally.
And be sure to download them all as each one is the proper length for a burned CD.
The first two were simple fun. This third is more personal. It's directly targeted at all of the
people who love to make assumptions & sling insults at me & anyone else who looks or thinks
differently than small town minds. And always, the same boring assumptions & unimaginative
insults. The way I figure it, I can insult & make fun of myself way better than they can
so I figured I'd show 'em how it's done! This mix covers everything I've been called this
last week (which was the inspiration) and takes it to the next level, ending in a wonderful

Bottom line, it's a FUCK YOU they'd never be smart enough to understand. And as I once
learned, the best insult is one which when given is mistaken as proving the other guys
point. Ya insult 'em & at the same time force 'em to show how retarded they really are.
Hardly a new idea to anyone who's read Cyrano. But usually those who have aren't the ones
spewing bile.
Also be sure to take a look at both the Dominion Radio & Error 404 MySpace profile pages.
Significant changes have been made to each in reflection of the current mix series.

A few old posts are being deleted.

I've decided to start the new year without constant visual reminders of old garbage. So I'm deleting the mix posting of one (and only one) former guest of Dominion Radio. They've been saved to disc for posterity so, they have not been destroyed. But I can see no good cause for continuing to promote this (excessively self-promoting) individual in light of the acts commited against DJ Mistress X and the attempt to rob the station of it's name and reputation.
So, should you observe a skip in numerical sequence of some of the contents of this archeive and feel that you simply must have the mixes perviously posted by said (unnamed individual), Googlt it! You'll have no difficulty, I suspect, as they've seen fit to plaster themselves all over the internet. Need a name? Try Legion! Bye bye Mr. Nasty! Fuck with my friend, ya gets disappeared. Simple as that. Now go rob someone else. Any luck, they'll hack yer ass out of existence. Jerk!
K, drama over & done with. Now, back to the music!
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