Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New features on DOMINION RADIO!!!

New features on DOMINION RADIO!!!

I'm about to begin adding things to the Dominion Radio concept.
For a long time we've offered mixes which have consisted of some
of the best Gothic, Industrial, 80's and just generally twisted
music ever made. And that will continue! But I'd like to expand
what we've done.

My first priority is to try to get a little more self disciplined
(unless there's some pretty lil Gothic Goddess with a cat'o 9 tails
who wishes to volunteer for the job of task mistress). But I'd like
to make things more predictable for you so you KNOW when to check
for new mixes. At first I'll begin by simply changing the Dominion
Radio default pic on MySpace. That way when you see it change, you'll
know that a new mix is available. I also recommend that you subscribe
to the Dominion Radio blog on MySpace Both of this blog & that one are
really still the property of my dear friend DJMX but she has in effect
given them to me to use along with the fine station you've been listening
to. So I'll continue to post new show info there just as she always did.

In the near future it's my hope to (as stated earlier) become more disciplined
(self or otherwise... Ha!) and give you a new set every week on the exact
same day of the week. That way, you'll always know when to check & listen.

Other ideas are also in the works. Since I've recently recovered ALL of the
early Dominion mixes (by DJMX and others) I'd like to offer you the ability
to send requests for replay of any old ones which you'd like to hear again
or missed the chance to download before they "vanished". I have them!
They are all amazing! They deserve to be heard again!

Also I'll be accepting requests and submissions of songs and artists which
our listeners might like to hear on Dominion Radio. I want to see this
beautiful machine DJMX crafted grow into something which remains a work
of loving art but is also more on par with professional radio. Yep, that's
right. Error 404 is trying to become your own favorite whore! Hell, the
only thing which will deny me the right to claim myself a true whore is the
fact that I wont get paid. Haha! That is unless any of you are feeling generous
enough to put your money where your ears are (in which case the funds will be
split 50/50 between myself and the station's creator. You paying attention
girl?)! Would be great if we could do this for a living. As it stands we've
had to do it as time permits & pay our bills the regular way. Dull, lifeless
day jobs.

The other idea I've had is an additional feature for each show (and I'll be
starting it quite soon). We've of course got a fine combination of musical
styles as our standard backbone. But from time to time I come across a full
album which deserves attention or material which in spite of greatness just
really doesn't belong in a Dominion mix. Or sometimes I've found online movies
which would compliment a mix or simply deserve attention. But often I've found it
difficult to include these things without distracting or detracting from what
DJMX created. I mean hell, she got your attention well enough with what she did
and as a result Dominion Radio listener-ship has grown huge! So all my A.D.D. shit
seems kinda besides the point, ya know? Then it hit me. Just like back in the day
when music was on vinyl & you had a hit single. If you wanted to expose something
great but not quite in keeping with the sound which gained you success, you'd
put the stuff that was besides the point on the other side of the hit single.
Thus, the B side. Duh! Guess I'm kinda slow in the head or I'd have thought of it
sooner. But in the near future you'll be getting two for the price of one. Look
for it below the feature mix. It'll be called (simply) "The B Side".

Lastly, I'll seldom be sending individual notices to everyone about new shows.
I've come to realize that I'm putting as much time (if not more) into sending
notices as it takes to make a new mix. And since to me it's about the music
rather than adverts & spam I think we'll all be happier if I focus on doing
one thing and doing it well. Thus, in the long run you'll get new Dominion
shows more often than in the past. So like I said earlier, if you want to know
if a new set has posted just watch for the Dominion Radio MySpace default picture
to change. Better still, subscribe to the Dominion Radio blog on MySpace!
I'll always put new show info there. It costs you nothing and as a subscriber
you'll instantly be sent word that something new has posted.

K, that was wordy enough! Feel like ya just read War & Peace?!
Thank you & keep listening to Dominion Radio!
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

OMEGA by D.J. Mistress X

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A new look for both the Dominion Radio & Error 404 MySpace pages to go with the current mix! Come look!!!

Here is OMEGA mixed by D.J. Mistress X

Stream playback or download for free via ClickCaster!

Click here for the NEW SHOW!

Or if the above link doesn't work for you, just go to this URL:

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

NEW Der Nister & Halloween MIX BY ERROR 404 ON DOMINION RADIO!!!

This week is a double show. First up is our promised feature of the auditory Industrial
storm which is Der Nister. And second up is a Halloween special of sorts, directed at
all the religious zealots which seek to ruin (or eliminate) the only holiday I've ever
really enjoyed. Thus my title for it shall be Buckle Beaten By The Bible Belt Of
Brotherly Love!
The second mix is presented in two segments to make both streaming and downloading easier.
And I've again taken into consideration those of you who lack portable means for listening
to mp3. The Der Nister feature will fit one regular audio CD and parts A & B of the
Halloween Special will (combined) also fit one audio CD. So take 'em on the road and
make the Yokles scream for mercy!
And even if the holiday is over by the time you get this,
Give it a listen! I mean does Halloween ever really end for such as we? HaHa!!!
You can find it here:

Click here for the NEW SHOW!

Or if your browser is as screwed as mine, just go to this URL:


Dominion Radio on ClickCaster

Dominion Radio on ClickCaster