Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"New" by Error 404, problem child

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problem child by Error 404

Track Listing:

1-Error 404-disclaimer

2-Error 404-HBOintro-people R importantKILLERS

3-Error 404-God has a Hard-on7.1c.2

4-Error 404-fuck's gonna be long

5-Error 404-Black Hole SunShatnerAve Dracula exact 2D


7-Error 404-Logic Sux...badly


9-Error never happened. Did it? (edit)

10-Error 404-EVIDENCE (exhibit 1a)

11-Error 404-Ludacris powerpuff

12-Error 404-trekkie police

13-Error 404-Sniper1b

14-Error 404-8 trackDIVORCE in a manufactured home community

15)-Error 404-In Response I Thumb My Nose At Thee(OK-Now it's dark.)

16-Error 404-2-5-04b

17-Error 404-outro-a letter to Murphy's Law and my successors

Playback time: 1hr 23min


By no means "New" by Error 404, I this time present to you a severely off format
(neither particularly Gothic, Industrial nor 80's) mix which I began in 2003 &
completed in early 2004. It had been intended as an album (of sorts) chronicling
my thoughts upon everything & absolutely nothing. But every time I tried to edit
it down to CD length I was dissatisfied with the result. Subsequently only 5 people
have ever heard this original version in it's intended sequence.

If you are a long-time Error 404 listener, then you've likely heard parts of this
project before. But I now present to you, in all it's noisy, sample laden, Hip Hop
riddled & imperfect glory, a project which is at once loathed for the memories it
represents, and yet also is held close to my heart if for no reason more than the
fact that completion of track 15 nearly killed me in my efforts to give it life.

All tracks were done in the only manner I, at that time, knew how to do them. Every
bloody sample was ripped from CD to WAV or transferred to P.C. from VHS or answering
machine tape. Then each sample was rendered & combined using the infamous (and godz
fucking awful) Windows Sound Recorder on a cheap Pentium 3 HP desktop from Wal Mart.


Screw computing nostalgia! This shit took FOREVER!!! Damned bastard machine! The day
I was able to upgrade, I went seriously Office Space on that 'puter!

Anyway, Here's the Behind The "Music" on the tracks:

1-Error 404-disclaimer:
Probably obvious, but consider that at the time Napster & other P2P users
were being severely persecuted (urm... I mean Prosecuted) by the record industry.

2-Error 404-HBOintro-people R importantKILLERS:
Really just a sort of primer. Needless to say, I'm not too fond of many of my species.

3-Error 404-God has a Hard-on7.1c.2:
Just how life was when I began this. The War in the Middle East had begun in earnest
and was a fitting metaphor for the end of a lousy (near) 10 yr marriage. More on that later.

4-Error 404-fuck's gonna be long:
Just having fun really. Bit'o political commentary but really just refining a technique.

5-Error 404-Black Hole SunShatnerAve Dracula exact 2D:
More fun & refinement. Oh & BTW, the R.I.A.A. sux arse with both jelly & syrup!

6-Error 404-CHARLES MANSON3:
Nothing more deeply intended than paying homage to my favorite crazy person.

7-Error 404-Logic Sux...badly:
Urm... Yeah, this was directed solely at the joys of marriage to the selfish & irrational.
I mean 19 affairs I could put up with, but 20?! Fuck that shit!
In truth though, it was my discovery that she'd repeatedly abused our son which was the
last straw. Infinite infidelity was just a flesh wound.

Well, put simply, I'd discovered my soon to be Ex had sent me a spy. She can be heard at the
end of this track & again in track 10. She foolishly thought her meth polluted, gun crazy ass
could use my love of playing video games with my kid & my involvement in P2P against me in the

9-Error never happened. Did it? (edit):
Not so much homage as acknowledgment of my LEAST favorite crazy person.

10-Error 404-EVIDENCE (exhibit 1a):
Whilst I was speaking to my ex's spy girl, my brilliant ex allows her voice to be heard in
the background protesting the fact that I was openly recording the conversation. Idiot.
Yeah. Sorry. This was just too much fun.

11-Error 404-Ludacris powerpuff:
Just a fun & easy combining of stuffs.

12-Error 404-trekkie police:
Again, a fun combining.

13-Error 404-Sniper1b:
This whole track is summed up in it's start, wherein a girl (the ex's childhood & life-long
friend) calls ME to find out what the fuck is wrong with her friend's brain. Seems I get to
have informants too! Only mine are voluntary. Her friends, professors, sister & even her mom!

14-Error 404-8 trackDIVORCE in a manufactured home community:
So, like 3 months into our separation she comes to pick my child up for visitation. And the
very first thing she does is introduce me to her "fiance" whom she met while on the job at
a strip club (which was the 1st & only job she ever held in our entire marriage). Funny. but
I'm not the least surprised to discover that while never marrying him, she has had another
child with him (conceived before our divorce was even finalized) & that he's (allegedly) a
meth dealer. HA! Whatever.

15)-Error 404-In Response I Thumb My Nose At Thee(OK-Now it's dark.):
Seems she became disenchanted with her new life. She began leaving an endless number of
messages on my home answering machine during hours she knew I'd be at work. Guess I was
supposed to feel pity & reply.
Hee! Actually, I did. Reply I mean. I made this track. Took a while & had a heart attack in
between, but I finished it & e-mailed it to her the very day I got home from the hospital.
Her calls ceased.

16-Error 404-2-5-04b:
Nothing more than an announcement sent to each of my friends the day I got my divorce.

17-Error 404-outro-a letter to Murphy's Law and my successors:
This one should be self-evident.

Hope you've "enjoyed". And, yeah, pardon all the hip hop. It just seemed to suit
what I was trying to express. Only other music which might have worked was opera
& I think that just might have killed me!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Now on Dominion Radio: Redi-Mix by E-404

Now on Dominion Radio: Redi-Mix by E-404

For a change, a mix with no underlying message or storyline involved.

Just music, samples & noise for their own sake. Enjoy!

And YES! Before you start a'ponderin', YES, you've probably heard

bits of this mix on the Dominion MySpace page.

Fuck it!

It's been a long coupl'a weeks & I'm exhausted from (finally)

graduating college. Frankly, I think the only thing I learned from

my persuit of higher learning is the boundless depths of my utter stupidity

and the proven ignorance of my former arrogance. But, whatever. Maybe now

I'll at least get paid better.


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Dominion Radio on ClickCaster