Thursday, November 01, 2007

NEW Der Nister & Halloween MIX BY ERROR 404 ON DOMINION RADIO!!!

This week is a double show. First up is our promised feature of the auditory Industrial
storm which is Der Nister. And second up is a Halloween special of sorts, directed at
all the religious zealots which seek to ruin (or eliminate) the only holiday I've ever
really enjoyed. Thus my title for it shall be Buckle Beaten By The Bible Belt Of
Brotherly Love!
The second mix is presented in two segments to make both streaming and downloading easier.
And I've again taken into consideration those of you who lack portable means for listening
to mp3. The Der Nister feature will fit one regular audio CD and parts A & B of the
Halloween Special will (combined) also fit one audio CD. So take 'em on the road and
make the Yokles scream for mercy!
And even if the holiday is over by the time you get this,
Give it a listen! I mean does Halloween ever really end for such as we? HaHa!!!
You can find it here:

Click here for the NEW SHOW!

Or if your browser is as screwed as mine, just go to this URL:

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