Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A few old posts are being deleted.

I've decided to start the new year without constant visual reminders of old garbage. So I'm deleting the mix posting of one (and only one) former guest of Dominion Radio. They've been saved to disc for posterity so, they have not been destroyed. But I can see no good cause for continuing to promote this (excessively self-promoting) individual in light of the acts commited against DJ Mistress X and the attempt to rob the station of it's name and reputation.
So, should you observe a skip in numerical sequence of some of the contents of this archeive and feel that you simply must have the mixes perviously posted by said (unnamed individual), Googlt it! You'll have no difficulty, I suspect, as they've seen fit to plaster themselves all over the internet. Need a name? Try Legion! Bye bye Mr. Nasty! Fuck with my friend, ya gets disappeared. Simple as that. Now go rob someone else. Any luck, they'll hack yer ass out of existence. Jerk!
K, drama over & done with. Now, back to the music!
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