Thursday, January 31, 2008

all good things come: "NEW" by Error 404!

K, our usual host site has gotten cash greedy & I've been forced to create
an additional/new account just to get a mix posted for you. If you wish to
help you can click the "Support This Station" link in the Dominion
Radio MySpace page & make a contribution.
But my main purpose in this post is to let you know a NEW mix has just
posted & is ready for download. Enjoy!!!
Here's the program info:
all good things come

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Image contributed by Blair Black MySpace URL:

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Original photography by Brooke Flory MySpace URL:
Altered image contributed by DJ Mistress X MySpace URL:

Runtime: 51:21

Play List:

1-Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust

2-Rozz Williams - Time

3-The Smiths - I Want The One I Can't Have

4-The Sisters Of Mercy - Anaconda

5-Funker Vogt - Get Off!

6-Gene Loves Jezebel - Wild Horse

7-Fields of the Nephilim - New Gold Dawn

8-The Cure - Lovesong

9-Hedwig & The Angry Inch - Wicked Little Town

10-Book Of Love - Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls

11-Birthday Party - Faint Heart

12-Glomag with Joy Division - Disorder

13-David Bowie - Let's Spend The Night Together

Mixed by Error 404, for Dominion
Radio on 1-22-08


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And as always, both streaming playback & Free Download are available!

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I just had an epiphany of sorts regarding myself.

I seem to pretty much boil down to three elements

as motivating factors in my life choices.

I love you!

Oooooo! New toy!


Hey! Back tha fuck up off'a'me!

And pretty much always in that order & degree of importance.

1) Romance, love & sex.

2) Electronics, clothing & cosmetics.

3) Politics, social issues & world events.

Damn! Taken me all these years just to figure that out?!

Slow learner I guess.

Hell, at this rate, I'll be 80 before I finally conceed

that I just might be past my prime.

By 90 maybe I'll finally accept that when it comes down

to it, for better or worse, I'm just a guy after all.

But not just yet, K?

Damn! Hope I die before I get old!

Oops! Too late!

Hey! Wait a minute!

Fuck you (ME)!!!


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