Thursday, February 07, 2008

NEW MIX: "By Darth Botis' bidding" (Error 404-warm up session)

"By Darth Botis' bidding" (Error 404-warm up session)

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Runtime: 1:19:56 Hmmm... 1956? 2nd year of U.S. Civil Rights Movement...
coincidences abound in terms of how the time & implied dates relate to these
two mixes.

Play List:

1-Smashing Pumpkins-Today Is The Greatest Day

2-Hanzel Und Gretyl-Third Reich From The Sun

3-Rammstein-Amerika (Digital Hardcore Remix by Alec Empire)

4-The Sisters of Mercy-Vision Thing

5-Pygmy Children-Recoil

6-Prodigy-Fuel My Fire.

7-Cabaret Voltaire-Don't Argue

8-Rachid Taha-Barra Barra

9-Skinny PuppySmothered Hope [Ogre and Mark Walk Remix]

10-The Hunger-Shoot To Kill (Brian's Club 6500)

11-Good Courage-The World Will Go On (Apoptygma Bezerk & Virus X Mix)

12-Ministry-Burning Inside

13-Joy Division-Interzone

13-SMP-Pure Uncut Anger


13-The Smiths-Morrissey-Every Day is like Sunday

Mixed by Error 404, for Dominion
Radio on 1-22-08

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