Sunday, May 11, 2008

Now on Dominion Radio: Redi-Mix by E-404

Now on Dominion Radio: Redi-Mix by E-404

For a change, a mix with no underlying message or storyline involved.

Just music, samples & noise for their own sake. Enjoy!

And YES! Before you start a'ponderin', YES, you've probably heard

bits of this mix on the Dominion MySpace page.

Fuck it!

It's been a long coupl'a weeks & I'm exhausted from (finally)

graduating college. Frankly, I think the only thing I learned from

my persuit of higher learning is the boundless depths of my utter stupidity

and the proven ignorance of my former arrogance. But, whatever. Maybe now

I'll at least get paid better.


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Wellen said...

hey! check out my new mix "Clubbing at Atlantikwall". Rock it on!


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