Friday, July 10, 2009

MIX POSTED! Regime Change - Botis session 2 (By Error 404)

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Regime Change - Botis session 2 (By Error 404)

Play List:

1-Information Society-On the Outside 2.1

2-Joy Division-Interzone (E-404 "Day we all died" mix)

3-Cold Cut-Atomic Moog 2000

4-Die Krupps-Fatherland(Remix)


6-Der Nister-Deadly game (E-404 "Nuclear Days" mix)

7-Gary Numan-RIP(E-404 "Damn You All To Hell" mix)

8-Devo-Race Of Doom

9-7734-Zombie (E-404 "Zombie Chopper" enhancement)

10-Christian Death-Figurative Theatre

11-Fields of the Nephilim-Preacher Man

12-SNOG-Is There No One That Can Save Us From Today?

13-Front 242-Rhythm of Time

14-David Bowie-Diamond Dogs

15-Kommunity FK-We Will Not Fall

16-KMFDM-New American Century

17-Dwight D. Eisenhower-A prophecy of days now passing.

18-CRASS - Big A little a

19-Frankie Goes To Hollywood(excerpt from)-The Last Voice

20-20/20 - Nuclear Boy

Mixed by Error 404, for Dominion Radio, Feburary, 2008

Full playback time is 1 hour & 19 minutes. A perfect fit for audio CD!

And unlike 1st posting (over a year ago) this is UBER HIFI!

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and right click & "save as".

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