Tuesday, November 03, 2009

NEW MIX!!! Angels Circle Like Vultures (By E-404)

This mix is the result of an impromptu (thus imperfect) set I was

asked to perform live at this year's Halloween party in a rather

small Mississippi town. Surprisingly, I was not hanged for it.

They said to play what I wanted so, in honor of the night, I pulled

my selections from the works of Rozz Williams. No complex mixing,

just good music. I filled their ears with razors & they loved it!

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Angels Circle Like Vultures (By E-404)

Runtime: 80 minutes (Fukken hell! It fits a CD! That doesn't happen often.)

Playlist (after the fact):

1) Excommunicamus

2) Torch Song

3) Stairs - Uncertain Journey

4) Haloes

5) Skeleton Kiss (Death Mix)

6) Spiritual Cramp (Symptom Reversal)

7) Still Born, Still Life (Dahmer's Dead Remix)

8) Face

9) Lost Minds (THD Remix)

10) Desperate Hell

11) Some Men The Other

12) Figurative Theatre (Klute Version)

13) The Path Of Sorrows

14) Hour Of The Wolf

15) Dogs

16) Sleepwalk (Hypnotic Remix)

17) Resurrection - Sixth Communion

18) Death Wish

19) Cervix Couch (One by One)

20) Book of Lies

21) Romeo's Distress

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