Thursday, January 14, 2010

Banned by Network 23 (a.k.a. MySpace)!

I'm getting bloody disgusted with Network 23 (A.K.A. MySpace) pulling my mixes
and claiming copyright violation. Hell, only old folks listen to the music I
like & half of 'em think they're hearing it for the 1st time!
Let it go Tom! I'm just trying to keep the music alive & let the younglings
know there was music before the era of Lady Gag(a)!
Blank Reg
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Micro-Mix from '86 by E-404:

1) Cocteau Twins - Grail Overfloweth
2) Joy Division - These Days
3) Tones On Tail - War
4) Peter Murphy - The Answer Is Clear

To listen or download: CLICK HERE!
To DOWNLOAD go to bottom of page, find the blue 40 MB link
and right click & "save as".

...More to follow SOON!

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