Saturday, February 28, 2009

Evolution Angels mix just posted by Error 404!

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For my friend Megan & her Posse The Southern Misfits!

Get well quickly luv! Your team needs you!

Evolution Angel (by E-404)

Runtime: 77 minutes

Track Listing:

1) Hanzel Und Gretyl-Hellalujah

2) Front 242-Hey Poor

3) King Missile-Jesus Was Way Cool

4) The Damned-Antipope

5) Kill Switch Klick-Decannonized

6) Marilyn Manson-Cake And Sodomy

7) A Clockwork Orange-Alex Loves His Bible(Haha!)

8) Psychopomps-Godshit

9) Jokerelli-Paris Calls Humanist

10) MC Hawking-What We Need More Of Is Science

11) Gary Numan-RIP (Hybrid/Error 404 remix)

12) Angelspit-100%

13) George Carlin-Religion

14) Suicidal Tendencies-Send Me Your Money

15) Hanzel Und Gretyl-Shine

16) Foetus-The Only Good Christian Is A Dead Christian

17) Leather Strip-Evil Speaks

18) George Carlin-Angels

19) Rob Zombie-Dracula

20) Montgomery County First Baptist Hospital Geriatric Ward-Video Night

21) Polyphonic Size-Mothers Little Helper

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